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Foundation Repair Photo Album: Completely Restoring a Basement in West Bend, WI

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Homeowners in West Bend needed a complete makeover, their sump pump was no longer working anymore, they had water coming off of their basement concrete walls, and to top that all off their concrete basement walls had begun to bow inward. "What else could go wrong, these homowners asked." Immediately they got on the phone and gave us a call. 

Our crew was out in just a short amount of time and after analyzing the situation, our design specialist set up a plan of action. Our crew installed our TripleSafe Sump Pump and WaterGuard System which both together completely eliminates the problem of water. Then to solve the bowing walls our crew installed our Carbon Armor support system. The Carbon Armor, cheap and an easy solution, doesn't bring the wall back to its original place, however, it does stop it from bowing any further. 

Relieved to find an inexpensive solution for all their problems, these homeowners come out with a big win!!

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