Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Crumbling Fieldstone Walls in Farmhouse Stabilized in Kiel, WI

The severely crumbling and failing fieldstone foundation walls in this old farmhouse were permanently stabilized with Sure-Dry's EverBrace Wall Stabilization System. The EverBrace Wall Restoration System is compatible with fieldstone, clay block, and brick foundation walls in addition to poured concrete and concrete block walls. While other solutions may work for the first signs of foundation problems, only the EverBrace can restore a severely compromised foundation wall.

Severely Settled & Cracked Garage Foundation Fixed with Helical Piers & PolyLevel in Reedsville, WI

This severely sunken garage foundation that had separated by over 6" in Reedsville, WI was permanently lifted and stabilized back to its original height with Helical Piers. Then, after the foundation was stabilized, the garage floor was lifted back up and stabilized with PolyLevel Injection Foam. The homeowner was thrilled that the foundation was not only fixed, but she would now be able to use the service door and open windows that had been inoperable for several years due to the settlement. 

EverBrace Wall Restoration System Installed in Portage, WI

Bowing and tilting walls permanently repaired and stabilized with the EverBrace Wall Restoration System. 



Severely Failing Block Foundation Walls Saved in Sheboygan, WI

This old farmhouse in Sheboygan, WI was suffering from severely cracked and crumbling foundation walls which was not only scary on its own, but was causing other serious structural problems throughout the home. We were able to install our Everbrace Wall Restoration System throughout the basement, to permanently restore the foundation. The homeowner was thrilled with the results and is excited that her home is now safe and permanently stabilized.

The EverBrace Wall Restoration System™ permanently stabilizes the most extreme cases of failing foundation walls.

With EverBrace, steel corrugated panels and beams work together to strengthen and stabilize foundation walls. Rigid foam is then injected to fill any voids behind the steel panels, fully transferring the load from the failing structure to the new support panels.

Wall Anchor Straightening in West Bend, WI

Picture shows wall bowing in before anchor plates were installed and wall straight after anchor plates were installed.

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