Upgrade Old Basement Windows in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh & Nearby

Egress Window Installation

Replace old basement windows with egress windows to add beauty and function to your lower level.

Increase your home's energy efficiency, safety, and ventilation with new basement egress windows

Are your basement windows old, drafty, and unattractive? If so, they may be costing you money! Outdated and damaged basement windows and window wells put your home at risk for a variety of issues that reduce its health, comfort, and efficiency. Instead of protecting your basement from the elements, old windows allow excess moisture, humidity, and cold drafts to enter your lower level. They can even be an entry point for ants, termites, and other pests. With that in mind, it might be time to consider installing new basement windows.

Sure-Dry can improve the look and efficiency of your basement windows with professional egress window installation in Greater Green Bay, WI and nearby. Call 1-844-252-7767 or click below to schedule a free estimate in Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay, Fond Du Lac, Sheboygan, Wausau, or the surrounding area.

Problems With Old Basement Windows

Old-fashioned basement windows typically have metal frames and single-pane glass. When the metal rusts, the window pane no longer fits properly in the frame, leaving room for water intrusion, drafts, and energy loss.

  • Water Infiltration
  • Drafts
  • Energy Loss
  • Limited Ventilation
  • No Emergency Exit
  • Inadequate Natural Light
  • Pest Infestations
  • Diminished Aesthetics
  • Security Risks
  • Reduced Home Value

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Egress Windows

Whether you have plans to finish your basement or simply want to upgrade your old basement windows, installing egress windows is a wise choice. Sure-Dry's egress basement windows feature a durable vinyl frame and double-pane glass for improved energy efficiency. In addition, our window wells combine the appearance of fine masonry with the strength and durability of heavy-duty composite construction. The one-piece design protects against water leaks and includes a built-in step for a safe emergency exit.

Basement Egress Window Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety: Egress windows are a crucial safety feature, ensuring a safe exit in case of emergencies. They're a must-have for any livable basement.
  • Building Code Compliance: Installing egress windows ensures that your basement meets building code requirements for an emergency escape route, keeping your home in good standing with regulations.
  • Increased Natural Light: Basements often suffer from a lack of natural light. Egress windows brighten up these below-grade spaces, making them more inviting and comfortable.
  • More Living Space: Egress windows can effectively expand your home's square footage. They create a more open and usable area in your basement, increasing your living space.
  • Increased Home Value: Investing in egress windows not only improves your quality of life but also boosts your home's overall value. They make your property more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Prevent Mold & Mildew: Egress windows aid in moisture control, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth in your basement. This helps maintain a healthier living environment.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Egress windows can be energy-efficient when properly installed. They help regulate temperatures and reduce energy costs by preventing drafts.
  • Improved Visual Appeal & Comfort: Egress windows come in various styles and designs, allowing you to enhance your basement's aesthetics. Plus, they improve ventilation, making the space cozier and more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Old Basement Windows

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