Bowing Foundation Wall Repair in Greater Green Bay

High-tech carbon fiber stabilizes cracked and bowing foundation walls

The CarbonArmor® system straightens and strengthens cracked and bowing foundation walls.

Concrete is strong in compression, enabling a foundation to withstand extreme downward pressure. However, concrete is weak in tension. A foundation wall can't stretch or bend in response to sideways soil pressure, so cracking and bowing problems sometimes develop.

When soil pressure causes a foundation wall to bow inward and crack, one solution is to stabilize the wall using carbon fiber wall straps. Sure-Dry utilizes CarbonArmor® bracing technology, a foundation wall repair solution that is incredibly strong in tension. When installed against a foundation wall with special structural epoxy, it provides reinforcement that is 10 times stronger than steel — and it enables cracked or bowed foundation walls to withstand soil pressure without sustaining further damage.

The CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System

Sure-Dry uses the patented CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcing System to stabilize foundation walls with minor cracks and bowing under two inches. The fabric-like carbon fiber wall straps easily conform to the interior basement wall to effectively stabilize and strengthen the foundation.

Features & benefits of the CarbonArmor system

  • Up to 10 times stronger than steel
  • Prevents further bowing
  • Unobtrusive installation
  • Low profile and easy to work around if you are finishing your basement or completing other interior work

Free foundation wall repair estimates in Appleton, Green Bay & nearby

At Sure-Dry, we're proud to provide warrantied solutions that will permanently solve issues with bowing or buckling foundation walls. We provide free, no-obligation estimates to homeowners throughout our Wisconsin service area. Each estimate is presented in person and in writing.

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