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Foundation Helical Pier

Helical piers are made of steel and include a set of helical blades on the lower section of the pier.

Our helical pier system permanently stabilizes sinking and settling foundations

Foundation settlement occurs when the soil below the home proves unable to support the weight of the structure. If your home is experiencing foundation settlement, our helical pier system might just be the answer! Helical piers drive deep into supporting soils to permanently repair foundation settlement and restore your home to its original level.

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What are helical piers?

Made of galvanized steel, helical piers are a type of foundation pier that have a set of helical blades on the lower pier. They are an ideal solution when the soil conditions are known because the foundation repair contractor will know exactly how deep to install the piers to reach competent soils.

Helical piers are mechanically advanced or "screwed" into the soil using small construction equipment or hand equipment. Once the proper depths and capacities have been achieved, heavy-duty steel foundation brackets are positioned below and against the foundation footing. The weight of the home is then transferred through the helical piers to the strong supporting soils below and crews will attempt to lift the home back into its original position. The solid supporting base created by a helical pier system restores the structural integrity of your home and prevents future foundation settlement.

Helical pier benefits

  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Suitable for both heavy and light loads
  • Quickly stabilizes light structures, including concrete decks or stairs
  • Restores sinking foundations back to their original position
  • Closes gaps and cracks caused by foundation settlement
  • Year-round, minimally disruptive installation

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