Egress Windows FAQs

Egress Windows

  • In addition to adding a layer of protection against the elements, it adds a means of escape or access, into your basement.

  • Horizontal dimensions should be large enough to allow the window or door to be fully opened.

  • A hole is excavated next to the foundation large enough to accommodate the one-piece well. The window wells mount directly to the foundation wall. Proper drainage, if appropriate, is connected.

  • A great, modern option are molded composite egress window wells. They are a one-piece system that can better control the water if installed properly. It's common for long-term warranties to accompany these one-piece window wells.

  • Some homeowners choose to add a cover for additional safety so children, pets or other adults don't fall into the open well. Egress window covers can also help protect against inclement weather - think hail, snow, fall leaves, and occasional wildlife. Window well covers are included with the installation of Sure-Dry's egress window well system.

  • Routinely cleaning out any leaves or other windblown debris and checking to make sure the drain is open and functioning so water doesn't collect in the well, is all that is needed.

  • It gives you protection from the elements and it has a stair feature that makes it easier to escape or, for emergency personnel to enter the basement.

  • 10-year product warranty and 5-year workmanship guarantee for added peace of mind.

  • An egress window is designed to provide an emergency means of leaving a basement or emergency personnel to enter a premises.


    • Protect basement from dust
    • Excavate hole for window well and to install window
    • Cut foundation to install window.
    • Install window
    • Install window well
    • Backfill soil


  • No.  You have options as far as size, quality, and cosmetics.


    • Not taking into consideration drainage issues.
    • Not cutting the foundation properly.
    • Not controlling dust while cutting the installation
    • Not installing a deep enough window well.
    • Not understanding building code requirements.


  • Yes, we have the experience in installing egress windows in the communities we serve for lots of years.

  • There can be.  That is why it is important to have it installed by a professional and a company who understands foundations and basement waterproofing.  You are cutting a large hole in the foundation which may allow lots of water into your home if not installed properly.

  • Older basement windows are most often made out of steel or wood. As these materials age, they will begin to rust, corrode, and decay. Fortunately, basement window leaks can be fixed quickly and easily.

  • We've chosen industry-leading EnergyStar certified windows with a robust 3 ½" frame depth and heavy-duty hardware.

  • If you go with a true egress window solution by enlarging the window opening, you allow for more natural light and, satisfy newer building code requirements for an emergency escape route from your basement. This is in addition to any energy savings.

  • Yes, at the time of your quote, you will have the option to choose the features that fit your needs and budget.

  • Sure-Dry offers replacement of standard basement windows, as well as egress windows. Please contact us to schedule a free estimate for basement window replacement, or installation of a new egress window.

  • Sure-Dry offers a 10-year product warranty for our basement egress window installations, along with a 5-year workmanship guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. 

  • Installing basement egress windows lets in natural light and provides an easy escape in case of emergency. 

  • The two most critical components of an egress system are the egress window and window well. Optional items include a separate drainage system for your window will and a cover to keep out excessive rain and debris. 

  • It's not recommended without the proper training and tools.

  • Yes but it is a very similar process to installing an egress window in a location where there is no window.

  • Yes, no problem at all.


    • Before the job, our logistics team pulls permits and has utility lines marked. 
    • On the day of your egress window installation, we'll begin with digging. We lay plywood to prevent track marks in your yard and haul away the extra dirt. 
    • We cut into your foundation using specialized saws that cut all the way through in one pass for a seamless cut that doesn't compromise the foundation's integrity. 
    • During the framing process and after the window is placed, we use a silicone-based caulk to seal the seams, preventing water issues and creating a clean, finished look. 
    • With every install, we include a sump basket inside the window well. If water issues occur down the line, this makes it easier to control and redirect to an interior drainage system and sump pump. 
    • When we're done, we tamp down the surrounding dirt and do our best to leave a small footprint and make the area look as close to the way it looked when we arrived as possible. 


  • One-piece, heavy-duty composite construction, UV-stable and resistant to rot, rust and extreme temperatures. Rigid, one-piece design won't warp, corrode or leak over time 

  • We can install most egress window and window wells in just one day.  

  • Not much at all. Making sure the drain at the bottom of your window well stays clear, is about all there is. 

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