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Concrete Sidewalk Leveled and Repaired in Plymouth, WI

As you can see in the before photo, the treacherous high step and uneven walkway at this Plymouth, WI home, threatened to dampen the excitement of a new beginning with potential safety mishaps. That's where Sure-Dry stepped in. Using PolyLevel and NexusPro, we not only eliminated the tripping hazard but also rejuvenated the entryway’s look. The after photo showcases our commitment to not just repairing, but also enhancing. With these advanced fixes, we ensured the homeowner’s first steps into their new home were safe and inviting, embracing both a remarkable customer experience and providing a reliable, long-lasting solution.

Crumbling Fieldstone Walls in Farmhouse Stabilized in Kiel, WI

The severely crumbling and failing fieldstone foundation walls in this old farmhouse were permanently stabilized with Sure-Dry's EverBrace Wall Stabilization System. The EverBrace Wall Restoration System is compatible with fieldstone, clay block, and brick foundation walls in addition to poured concrete and concrete block walls. While other solutions may work for the first signs of foundation problems, only the EverBrace can restore a severely compromised foundation wall.

Basement Insulated & Ready to Finish in Kiel, WI

The transformation in this homeowner's basement is remarkable. Our Basement to Beautiful System, which is an insulated basement wall product, was used to prepare this homeowners basement for custom wall paneling. The unique design of Basement to Beautiful panels uses metal studs to separate them from your cold, concrete walls, preventing "cold spots" caused by thermal convection on your basement walls. Book your FREE estimate today!

Severely Settled & Cracked Garage Foundation Fixed with Helical Piers & PolyLevel in Reedsville, WI

This severely sunken garage foundation that had separated by over 6" in Reedsville, WI was permanently lifted and stabilized back to its original height with Helical Piers. Then, after the foundation was stabilized, the garage floor was lifted back up and stabilized with PolyLevel Injection Foam. The homeowner was thrilled that the foundation was not only fixed, but she would now be able to use the service door and open windows that had been inoperable for several years due to the settlement. 

Concrete Staining, Sealing and Protecting in Reedsville, WI

Nestled in the heart of Reedsville, WI, this homeowner was dedicated to passing on a legacy, aiming to beautify their home's concrete for its next chapter with their daughters. The challenge? Aging concrete that needed more than a touch-up—it needed Sure-Dry magic. As you can see, the transformation is beyond mere aesthetics; we employed our trusted DecoShield system, ensuring the concrete isn’t just visually enhanced, but sealed and protected for years to come. Take a glance at these before and after snapshots; from worn to wonderful, that’s the power of precision and care.

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