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Brightening Up the Basement With BrightWall in Milwaukee, WI

For homeowners in Milwaukee, WI they were soon to be selling their home and in order to get the best price on their home, they wanted to make sure it was in its best shape. 

Our crew installed BrightWall to their basement walls. These panels may not look like much but they work wonders in changing a basement. They brighten the room while also keeping water out. 

They will change your basements look just like it did for these homeowners. 

Dried Crawl Space in Port Washington, WI

We encapsulated and dried out this crawl space and fixed the insulation problem which was hanging down originally and not insulating. 

Egress Window in Belgium, WI

Building codes require that finished basement living areas have an emergency egress - an egress window large enough to allow safe exit out of the space in case of an emergency. A large window well with a step in it must also be used outside the egress window.

Here at Sure-Dry Basement Systems, we are certified installers of egress window wells. In addition to providing a safe exit, our egress windows allow more natural light and fresh air into the basement to make the space feel larger and more inviting.

This is an example of an egress window we installed in Belgium, WI.  

Contact us for your free estimate on egress window installation today! 

Basement Waterproofing in Oostburg, WI

Our team installed a WaterGuard System all along these basement walls below the foundations footing. This system will collect any water that seeps down from the walls and will discharge it to the sump pump. 

Water Control and Wall Stabilization in Cedar Grove, WI

This house in Cedar Grove, WI had multiple issues with their basement.  For one, their foundation walls were cracking and bowing inward due to expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure on the walls from outside.  Second, water was finding its way into the basement between the foundation walls and footing.  With no drainage system in place, this water was pooling on the basement floor.  

In order to stabilize the foundation walls, Sure-Dry installed their Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors system.  Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors is an innovative wall anchor system that will permanently stabilize your foundation walls by anchoring your walls to the hard-packed virgin soil beyond your foundation.

After installation, wall anchors can often be tightened over time to further straighten your foundation walls and pull them back to their original position.

To take care of the water issue, Sure-Dry installed their WaterGuard® system.  The WaterGuard® system collects water that seeps through basement walls and drains it to your sump pump. The system installs quickly and has a clean finished appearance, meaning you don't have to worry about having an unsightly drain around the basement. 

If your basement walls are cracked or bowing inward, or you have water issues in your basement, contact Sure-Dry today for a free estimate! 

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