Failing Foundation Wall Repair in Oshkosh, Green Bay & Nearby

The PowerBrace™ system stabilizes bowing foundation walls and can even straighten them over time.

Our patented foundation wall repair system stabilizes failing foundation walls

At Sure-Dry, we understand dealing with failing foundation walls can be incredibly stressful — especially when the area that needs to be repaired isn't easily accessible. Luckily, we have a solution!

We install the PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall System in Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, and nearby. PowerBrace is an I-beam system that can be used to reinforce and straighten buckling or bowing basement walls in homes where outside access to the foundation is hindered. Because this system is installed on interior basement walls, it doesn't involve any exterior excavation and installs quickly with minimal disruption to your basement space.

The PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System

Sure-Dry's patented PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System is the perfect solution when there are obstacles or obstructions close to the foundation, such as trees, property lines, or sidewalks. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and coated with rust-resistant zinc, the PowerBrace system provides long-term stability and protection against corrosion. This I-beam system is designed to stabilize failing foundation walls over time and can be tightened periodically to make bowing or tilting walls straighter and more vertical.

Features & benefits of the PowerBrace system

  • Straighten walls over time
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Won't disrupt lawn or landscaping
  • Less expensive than exterior excavation
  • Can be installed year-round

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