Crawl Space & Basement Humidity

Reducing humidity and moisture is crucial to removing allergens

SaniDry Crawl Space dehumidifier

A dehumidification system can eliminate humidity and allergens, creating healthier living spaces in your home.

Mold and dust mites rely on moisture from the air for their survival. When humidity levels drop, mold enters a dormant phase, ending its reproduction and growth, while dust mites burrow deeper into materials to seek out moisture-rich environments. Unfortunately, a brief period of dry conditions won't eliminate mold and dust mites entirely. Mold can remain dormant for years and dust mites will not die as long as they can burrow down and find the necessary moisture.

Experts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and all across the United States recommend addressing plumbing leaks, eliminating standing water within the home, and implementing basement and crawl space dehumidification as effective strategies to keep dust mites and mold at bay.

Sure-Dry offers reliable and effective humidity and allergen removal services in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and nearby. With over twenty-five years of experience and industry-leading products, you can count on our team to keep your home dry, clean, and healthy. Call 1-844-252-7767 or click below to schedule a free estimate!

Basements & Crawl Spaces Are Humid Environments

Basements and crawl spaces are naturally prone to high humidity levels. Moisture from the ground surrounding your home can easily penetrate foundation walls and floors, making its way indoors. Once inside, it can turn everything it touches, including carpets, wood, and drywall, into a breeding ground for mold. In fact, The Journal of Property Management has revealed that a single square inch of drywall can harbor between one and ten million mold spores! Moreover, these spaces provide a welcoming environment for dust mites, which thrive on organic materials and can lay up to 270 eggs in just six weeks.

The humidity in crawl spaces and basements doesn't just affect these areas; it has a ripple effect on your entire home.

  • Uncomfortable Living Spaces: As warm air rises throughout your home and exits through the upper levels and attic, it creates a vacuum that draws air from below, including the humid air from your basement and crawl space. This upward flow carries not only humidity but also any contaminants present in these areas.
  • Higher Utility Bills: Humid air is more challenging and costly to heat and cool efficiently, leading to higher utility bills.
  • Rot & Decay: Moisture can lead to rot and decay in the wood structures of your home, necessitating costly repairs down the line.

SaniDry™ Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifier

SaniDry crawl space and basement dehumidifier

Energy-efficient dehumidifiers can save money on utility bills while eliminating home allergens.

Unfortunately, most basement dehumidifiers are inefficient. They typically struggle to extract sufficient moisture from the basement, leaving the air damp and uncomfortable. They also require a lot of upkeep. These underperforming dehumidifiers often fill their collection trays within a mere eight hours, subjecting homeowners to constant and frustrating maintenance to continue to run.

Sure-Dry offers a better solution for crawl space and basement humidity issues: the SaniDry™ Basement Air System. Once installed in your basement or crawl space, it transforms these areas into drier, cleaner, and healthier spaces — all while boosting energy efficiency. If you're looking to achieve precise control over humidity levels in your basement, this product is the perfect solution.

SaniDry™ Dehumidifier Advantages & Benefits

  • Removes 100 points of water with the same energy used by a conventional 40-pint model
  • Eliminates unpleasant, musty odors by drying and filtering the air
  • Most cost-efficient to run than other dehumidifiers
  • Effectively filters out mold spores, dust mite waste, dust, and other airborne particles
  • Small size means it takes up less space and easily fits in small crawl spaces
  • Can be ducted to maintain the appearance of a finished basement
  • Hassle-free operation — set it and forget it with automatic draining and humidity sensing

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