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Foundation Repair Photo Album: Raising and Sealing a Disturbing Crawl Space in Green Lake, WI

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Maintaining a healthy home is often a homeowners number one priority and it certainly is for these homeowners in Green Lake. They have been living in their home for about 10 years now and haven't ever really taken into consideration their crawl space, until now.

They started to notice a loss of support in their floors and their crawl space needed a new look, badly. They also found out that through your crawl space bugs, animals, and mold can start to come about in your crawl space. They immediately started to research options for what they should do and they decided that Sure-Dry Basement Systems was the best fit for them. Shortly after finding us on our website they quickly gave us a call. One of our inspectors was then sent out to get a good look at the crawlspace and tell them what their best option was to fit their homes needs.

Our crew was then sent out and totally encapsulated the crawl space with our thick CleanSpace liner, similar to a swimming pool liner. Making sure bugs, animals, mold, and water stay completely out and with a little extra bonus giving it a cleaner, brighter look. Then to support the ceiling of their crawl space we applied our SmartJacks and Supplemental Beams. These items are strong and won't ever rust. They can be adjusted to fit any sinking floors and are very easy to use! 

These homeowners are back to enjoying their home knowing little creatures aren't going to be sneaking in at night and the support of their floors are stable!

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