Stabilizing a Weak Crawlspace Foundation with SmartJacks in Sturgeon Bay, WI

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David from Sturgeon Bay, WI called about the stability of his crawlspace and wanted to see what we had to offer them as a solution. They also needed a safe and waterproof access point to their crawlspace from the outside because water had been seeping in through their old wooden entry. 


To stabilize their weak foundation, our installation crew led by Rob installed 10 SmartJacks to support their sunken ceiling. These Jacks are made of galvanized steel and will not rust or corrode. Guaranteeing them a mold free, strong support system. To then guarantee them with a safe, waterproof entry point, we installed the Beige Turtl. The Turtl is lockable and will keep their crawlspace safe and dry!

These homeowners are at peace of mind knowing their crawlspace is stable and locked! 

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