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Crawl Spaces Photo Album: Insulating Crawlspace in Appleton, WI

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Crawlspaces typically go unnoticed. They are underground and usually a mess. Well winter's here in Wisconsin can get quite cold and having an open "room" in your house that is letting in the cold is definitely not what these homeowners in Appleton need or want.

So our excellent crew at Sure-Dry came to their home and fully encapsulated their crawlspace in our CleanSpace Product. This product is a thick durable liner that fully covers their crawlspace floor and part of the walls so no water, mold, bugs, or dirt can get into their home. It also gives it a much cleaner, newer look.

We then installed our SilverGlo product which is a thick foam insulator that wraps around the walls of the crawlspace. There are tiny like particles inside the foam that reflect heat back into the crawlspace while also insulating it.

Now, these homeowners can relax in their nice warm home and escape the cold winter air.  

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