Crawl Space Problems & Damages in Northeastern Wisconsin

Structural Damage

Crawl Space Repair for causes in WI

Moisture is the prime factor that causes basement, crawl space as well as structural damage. Over time, rot and decay from a moist environment damage wood framing and steel structural members.

Walls made of block or stone often let moisture into a crawl space. That's why it's important for a solution to include the walls as well as the floor.

Health Problems

As heat rises, the natural air movement in a home is upward. Air escapes out of the upper levels and is drawn upward from the lower levels.

Dr. Harriet Burge, an expert in airborne diseases at the Harvard School of Public Health says, "Mold in houses is not a good thing. It could lead to asthma. Houses with mold are damp and have dust mites and other things in them that can cause illness, especially in children.

Don't panic; there is a solution that will stop your crawl space from being a hospitable environment for mold. Mold will not grow when the humidity levels are reduced below 40%. Installing a crawl space dehumidifier, along with proper waterproofing and a vapor barrier, can reduce moisture and prevent mold growth.

Basement Mold


Mold spores will certainly irritate someone with allergies. The number one allergen, however, is the fecal matter of dust mites. Dust mites don't drink water but absorb it out of the air through their skin. In order to live, dust mites need relative humidity over 50%. The SaniDry™ unit will reduce the relative humidity below 50% and dust mites will die off.

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