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NexusPro Crack Repair Applied in Greenleaf, WI

To keep water from seeping in through her cracked concrete, we applied our waterproof NexusPro Crack Repair. This product will completely seal the crack off and eliminate any further splitting.

Sealing Concrete Joints with NexusPro in Sherwood, WI

When water seeps under a concrete slab it will wash out the soil beneath. When this soil is washed out the concrete slabs will begin to seep and crack. The best way to avoid having to repair a cracked and damaged concrete slab is to seal off the joints right away.

We applied our NexusPro Joint Sealant, which is a very strong, waterproof glue that will keep the slabs together while also blocking out water from seeping through.

Sealing Concrete Cracks to Eliminate Further Splitting in Oshkosh, WI

Homeowners in Oshkosh, WI called about having their concrete cracks sealed up because they didn't want any further splitting to take place. 

To do this we applied NexusPro Crack Repair. This glue is extremely strong and will hold the two slabs together. It also has an added bonus of being waterproof! 

Now, these homeowners won't have to worry about water seeping in or the slabs seeping away from each other!

Sealing Joints with NexusPro in Appleton, WI

After recently moving into their new home, these homeowners in Appleton, WI wanted the joints between their concrete slabs to be sealed shut. They wanted this work done after learning that water can seep in through cracks and joints in concrete and wash out the soil below, making the concrete unlevel and crack.

To accomplish this, we applied our NexusPro Joint Sealant to every joint and opening in their concrete. That way water won't seep through and wash the soil underneath out. Keeping it safe and crack free! 

With a simple fix to these homeowner's driveway, they are now at ease knowing they are avoiding a possible big future problem.  


Leveling off a Dangerous Walkway in Freedom, WI

Homeowners in Freedom, WI called to have their driveway and walkway looked at. Overtime, the slabs of concrete have settled into the Earth, resulting in tripping hazards and large cracks. 

Our Design Specialist Randy found just the solution. PolyLevel uses a waterproof polyurethane foam to raise the concrete back it where it originally was. Unlike mudjacking or completely replacing their driveway, PolyLevel is ready to be used in just 15 to 20 minutes.

These homeowners couldn't be more relieved to know their walkway and driveway is leveled but to also be able to use it right away!

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