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Concrete Lifting and Leveling Before & After Photos

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Concrete Lifting in West Bend, WI

This sidewalk section of a West Bend, WI condominium near the sewer drain was sinking 1" when Sure-Dry was called lift the section back to level.

Concrete Leveling Installation in Eden, WI

A pet hospital in Eden, WI needed to level their entrance walkway to ensure customer safety.

Brillion, WI PolyLevel Install

PolyLevel is a quick, no mess solution to cracked concrete in or around your home. 

Appleton Concrete Driveway Approach Lift

A homeowner in Appleton, WI was tired of his concrete sinking at his garage approach and wanted it back to level.

Leveling an Uneven Driveway in Pulaski, WI

Getting concrete replaced is a lot of work and frustrating, considering you can't drive on the new concrete for quite some time. Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that could just lift the concrete back to its normal place and not have to worry about it sinking back in the future... well there is!

Its called PolyLevel and that's what these homeowners in Pulaski did. They too were looking for a solution that wouldn't make a huge mess and would be a short process. So they gave Sure-Dry a call to see what we had to offer them and they found the perfect answer, PolyLevel.

PolyLevel raises sinking concrete back to its normal place by drilling a tiny hole (the size of a penny) into the area of the concrete that's affected and applies polyurethane foam which is waterproof so you won't have to worry about it washing out. Plus it's super easy and only takes a couple minutes to install.

After our crew completes that simple process, we topped the project off with our NexusPro. NexusPro is like a very strong glue that covers up the cracks in the concrete slabs so water can't seep into the middle and wash the soil out from under it. 

Thanks to Sure-Dry these Pulaski homeowners found a solution for their home that fit their needs perfectly.

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