PolyLevel® vs. Mudjacking

What's the difference between PolyLevel and mudjacking for concrete floor leveling?

As patios, walkways, driveways, and concrete steps sink, they can crack and create uneven surfaces. Sinking concrete is unsightly, and it can create a tripping hazard.

In the past, this problem was often repaired by a process called mudjacking, which has been replaced by a new method called PolyLevel.

There are several differences between PolyLevel and mudjacking:

    1. The material used, the installation process, and of course, the results. Mudjacking material comprises a mud-cement-slurry mixture, while PolyLevel is a lightweight, strong, high-density polyurethane foam.
    2. Mudjacking requires a messy, disruptive installation process and a larger port size than PolyLevel polyurethane foam.
    3. Finally, mudjacking doesn't address the underlying stability issue as well as PolyLevel. Concrete floors sink and crack due to the soil below expanding, contracting, washing out, and leaving voids into which heavy concrete slabs sink. Mudjacking material is heavy, adding more weight to the already unstable soil, and is susceptible to the same issues of washout and void creation. PolyLevel is waterproof and won't wash away or degrade over time. During installation, the expanding foam not only raises concrete slabs but also compacts the soil around it, adding stability to help prevent future sinking and settling.
Sunken front stoop in Green Bay

This front stoop has started to sink and separate from the foundation. There is noticeable cracking and sloping.

Sinking stairs repaired with PolyLevel® Green Bay

PolyLevel expanding foam was used to level the steps, and the cracks and sloping have been repaired.

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