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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Stabilizing a Foundation while also Waterproofing in Waupun, WI

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The best way to come up with a solution is to find out exactly what fits each homeowners needs. For homeowners in Waupun, WI they needed the perfect solution to prepare their home to sell and to sell fast. With that being said they were willing to do anything to get their home ready!

Our installation crew installed 6 GeoLocks that attach to the compacted soil outside and will pull the wall back to its correct standing location.

Then in the garage, our crew installed 8 PowerBraces along the garage walls. These braces will firmly hold the wall in place but over time can be adjusted to push the wall back to its correct upright position.

Then we installed a SuperSump pump. This sump pump is a perfect covered sump pump that will protect the home from occasional water issues and any radon gas that tries to seep up. 

In some areas of their basement, water was seeping up through the middle of the floor, to resolve this issue we installed drain tiles that will collect the water and drain it to their new efficient sump pump.

Now their home is ready to sell and they couldn't be more excited!

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