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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Basement Waterproofing in Suamico, WI

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Homeowners in Suamico, WI have been dealing with major water damage in their basement for quite some time. Their pump wasn't working efficiently and they had water backing up constantly. Not only that but water was seeping in through their concrete walls leaving damp and damaged floors all over. They were annoyed and felt there was no option left; until they found us on our website and immediately gave us a call.

In just a short time we were over and taking care of their problem. First off, we applied our WaterGuard System, which will drain the water inside the cement so it will never make it to the outsides of your basement walls or floor.

Following this step, we applied our TripleSafe Pump which has three incredible, strong pumps that pump out all amounts of water. In fact, one of these pumps is a battery operated pump; meaning you will never have to worry about your basement flooding even during heavy rainstorms.

To then top the project off we applied our IceGuard System outside. When its cold in the winter your pipes in the ground can freeze which will then back the water up into your pump and flood your basement. Well, our IceGuard System enables water to flow out the top of the system, which then tells you your pipes are frozen and they need to be unthawed. Which this is so much more convenient than having it flood your entire basement.

With our WaterGuard, IceGuard, and TripleSafe Pump all assembled in, these owners have nothing to worry about when it comes to future water damage or flooding, thanks to Sure-Dry!


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