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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Securing a Dry, Safe Basement in De Pere, WI

Thursday, May 31st, 2018 by Taylor Arndt


Tim from De Pere, WI called our Sure-Dry team about their sump pump. Due to the pump being higher than the pit, the homeowners could not have a fully sealed sump pump. As a result of this, radon gas can seep into their basement. As well as, there are no holes leading into the sump pump, therefore, water can build up around the sump pump and have no place to go. For these reasons are team had the perfect solution, the SuperSump Plus. 


The SuperSump Plus is just what these homeowners need because it will discharge just the right amount of water. This pump will provide total protection for Tim's basement because, although, he doesn't have regular floods, the SuperSump will be able to discharge the occasional water issues he does have. Which in the end results in Tim and his family having a dry, safe basement! The SuperSump is also fully sealed, therefore, radon gas has no entry point which again keeps their basement safe. The SuperSump also uses the TripleSafe liner which has many holes around the pit so water can then flow in if it manages to seep through the foundation's footing. 

Now that they have a strong, secure sump pump, these homeowers are at peace with the next heavy rainfall. 

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