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How are basement walls waterproofed?

For waterproofing basement walls, Sure-Dry, LLC uses many different wall panels to fit more homeowners exact needs.

All our wall panels have a waterproof liner to keep water out, as well as, washable surfaces that create a bright, clean finish!

How to reduce radon levels in my home?

To reduce radon levels drastically, we install the Radon Mitigation System. This will lower the levels of radon in your home resulting in a safer environment for your family. To get a free estimate and inspection for your home, contact our Sure-Dry, LLC team at 1-800-379-3788!

How to repair basement wall cracks?

The soil around your foundation is filled with water, and even the smallest crack will allow this groundwater to seep into your basement. We then use an innovative polyurethane sealant called FlexiSpan® to seal the crack. This flexible sealant will never dry or crack and can flex to the natural movement of your foundation wall, ensuring a completely waterproofing seal.

Who does basement waterproofing?

We at Sure-Dry, LLC do! We have all kinds of patented waterproofing products to help solve your basement problems. If you are interested in waterproofing your basement or crawlspace give us a call for a free estimate and inspection. We will help you get a dry, cleaner living environment!

Why does my basement leak every time it rains?

If your foundation walls were constructed with concrete, it's easy for rain water to press its way through the concrete, entering into your basement. Rain water will accumulate near your home and after saturating the ground, it will begin to seep in through your walls and wall-floor joist. If you are experiencing any water in your basement, please give us a call at 1-800-379-3788 so we can make your living environment much happier!

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