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Sure-Dry Basement Systems Repairs Basement Water Damage from Spring Thaw

Sure-Dry Basement Systems was featured on Fox55 to discuss how the warming temperatures and rapidly thawing snow have led to expensive water damage in many Wisconsin basements.

Menasha, WI - March 20, 2014

Sure-Dry Basement Systems was recently featured on Fox55, the local FOX affiliate in Wausau, in a segment titled, “Warmer temperatures come with a cost.” Reporter Emily Neubauer spoke with marketing manager Ryan Weyers and project manager Tim Newhouse about basement flooding and the dangers of the quickly thawing snow that Wisconsin is currently facing. They also offered tips to avoid the negative consequences of transitioning seasons. The news team visited the crew on-site at a home in Wausau where they were repairing a basement that had experienced severe water damage caused by the thaw.

This winter has seen an abundance of snowfall, and when the temperature rises rapidly, water from melting snow can seep through cracks in foundation walls and cause flooding in homes. Traditional waterproofing systems are only effective if they are maintained.

Weyers explained the necessity of being proactive and making sure, for instance, that gutters are cleared to prevent frozen debris and subsequent backup.

Newhouse discussed how frozen discharge lines can render sump pumps almost useless, which makes removing floodwater all the more difficult. With a few fail-safes and smart practices in place, these problems can be countered. Sure-Dry Basement Systems project manager also mentioned some solutions to safely redirect water, including a properly installed drainage system and proper snow removal.

Sure-Dry Basement Systems, located in Menasha, specializes in basement waterproofing, finishing, and crawl space and foundation repair. They provide effective, proven solutions for winter water damage, along with addressing a variety of other needs for residents of Northeast and Central Wisconsin.