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Photo Album: Cleanup and Water Removal in Crawlspace in Sheboygan, WI

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Homeowners in Sheboygan, WI made a call to Sure-Dry Basement Systems and asked to set up an appointment. They need to have their crawlspace and basement checked out due to excess water. 

When our team got to their home, we discovered there was a lot of water that had accumulated in their basement as well as their crawlspace. Our crew got to work immediately. To get rid of the water in the crawlspace our crew encapsulated their crawlspace in our CleanSpace Wall System, which completely blocks out all water from entering because of its really thick liner. 

To then remove the water in their basement our crew installed our WaterGuard System which works extremely well in the removal of water. The WaterGuard is installed under the floor slab and catches all excess water inside the concrete walls and sends it to the sump pump to be discharged out. 

The worst part was whenever there would be a heavy rainfall their sump pump would back up and wasn't able to pump the water out resulting in flooding. To solve this unfortunate problem our crew installed our best sump pump called the Triple Safe Sump Pump. This pump has three highly powered pumps to remove any amount of water. In fact, if the power went out there is still a battery powered pump that will continue to pump water out until your power is back on!

These homeowners tackled a big water problem but ended with a great result!!

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