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Photo Album: Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Appleton, WI

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The owner of an apartment complex in Appleton, WI had multiple issues with their entrances to two of their buildings. The entire slab was not only settling but was pulling away from the foundation; which in turn was causing the second story balconies to settle and lean forward. This was starting to cause potential structure issues. In fact, in the past, the owners had tried to “mud jack” the slabs which lasted a very short period of time. 

Our System Design Specialist, David Longsine, visited with the property manager and asked many questions to understand exactly what the owner’s concerns were. Our goal at SureDry is to understand the problem(s) and offer a solution that makes sense, takes care of the concern, and is budget friendly.The goal for this apartment complex was to make sure that no further settlement of the slab would occur and the second story balconies are stable.

Our team at SureDry was able to completely void fill all areas under the slab with PolyLevel and completely seal up all cracks with our Nexus Pro Joint Sealant; therefore no future water can cause issues. We addressed the goals and then protected the owner's investment with a 5-year warranty!

We are grateful to know we have a happy customer that will call us with any future concerns with her properties!

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