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Sure-Dry Basement Systems Case Studies: Supporting and Stabilizing Foundation Walls in Menasha, WI

Thursday, July 19th, 2018 by Taylor Arndt


Homeowner Marilyn from Menasha, WI knew that it was time to have her basement looked at after recently discovering a long, large crack right beneath her basement window traveling a couple feet long. 

She was nervous that she was going to get some news she didn't want to hear but she still scheduled her free estimate. Luckily for her, our team knew exactly what to do to fix this problem and we had the perfect solution for Marilyn and her family. 


You may be asking yourself how can this happen? Well, you're not alone. Marilyn's foundation walls had begun to crack because there was too much pressure coming from the earth around it. Foundation walls are meant to support the weight of the home above not the expanding and contracting of the soil outside. Which is why overtime her walls began to crack and bow in. 

Our installation crew led by Mario supported the cracked and bowed in walls by installing 7 PowerBraces. These steel beams are installed in the floor slab and will permanently hold the wall in place. However, over time these braces can be tightened to try and push the wall back to its standing upright position. 

Now that Marilyn was able to have just what she needed to feel at peace, our crew is satisfied with another productive and successful day!

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