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Homeowners in Oshkosh called Sure-Dry Basement Systems and talked to Shane Bodenheimer, the Radon Specialist and asked how they can have their radon levels checked so they would be able to sell their home on time because they just got an accepted offer, with a closing date in only 30 days. They had called around looking for an answer and were told they would need to pay $125 just to have the radon levels tested in their home.  Then depending on the results, they had no idea if a radon system would cost thousands of dollars or even work. 
With an unapproved radon cover on their sump pump and no idea if they had radon or not they were hoping Shane would provide some answers. 
After talking with the sellers, Shane assured them he could get the Radon Levels tested for a much more reasonable price. Shane is both certified and Licensed for Radon measurements & mitigation in the state of Wisconsin, this made things much faster and easy to get things completed before the closing.   
Shane quickly set up a time with the sellers to get the levels checked. 48 hours later Shane was back at the home to provide the buyers and sellers the results. In this particular case, they had elevated levels of 9.4pCi/L……the EPA allows up to 4pCi/L or mitigation is required for a safe home. Which meant their levels were way above. After a thorough inspection of their basement and outside of the home, Shane was able to design a system that would get the levels down under 4pCi/L so they would be able to sell their home at the correct time. 
The installation crew was out at the home within 2 weeks and the radon system and proper sump cover were installed, and within 4 days the new test results came back at .6 pCi/L…..that is just like the outside air! Now their home is guaranteed free of Radon. 

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